Our Story

The West Hills Torah Center started out as a Hebrew School in 2009. Within just a few years the attendance grew past our capacity and we needed to expand quickly. In 2013 Isaac & Deborah Ash came onboard to help us build a state of the art building that would be able to facilitate a large Hebrew School, a beautiful Shul, and Media Rooms for activities. With the help of Ash family and the support of the community, the doors of the Abe & Kay Sterman Torah Center were officially opened in 2014. Our Shul currently has daily Prayer, Shabbat, and Jewish Holiday Services all year round. We have been developing various programs for children, teens and adults in our community like JeTTA, K.I.T.K, Bar & Bat Mitzvah services, communal events, barbecues, Torah lectures from renowned speakers, live concerts and so much more. Get a closer look at what we do throughout this site. Our Community is constantly growing and we are committed and excited to grow with it. Come & join us anytime at any one of our functions. Our doors are always open!


Participate In Our Programs


Hebrew School

Jewish education for children with a focus on Hebrew, Torah Study, and developing a closer connection to Hashem and Judaism. 



"Jewish Teens Take Action" is about helping others. We've Packed supplies for homeless shelters, sent funds for disaster relief and more...



"Kids in the Kitchen" will give your children the opportunity to experience the creative process of cooking while learning many skills along the way.


Upcoming EVENTS

Throughout the year, we have many community events with food and live music. Plus, lots of Torah Lectures with renowned speakers. 


BAR/Bat Mitzvah

Everything you need to have the most meaningful Bar & Bat Mitzvah. Includes Torah reading prep with the Rabbi and Teffilin instructions.  


Prayer Services

Join us for morning, midday and evening services on Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim, Pesach, Shavuot, and Shabbat.


Help us grow! Making a contribution today to support our programs and our cause.