Upcoming Holidays


Mincha/ Shabbat Mid-Day May 19th: 7:45PM
May 19th Candle Lighting after 8:56PM 
Maariv/ Saturday Night May 19th: 9:00PM
Shacharit/ Sunday Morning May 20th: 9:00AM
Mincha/ Sunday Mid-Day May 20th: 7:45PM
May 20th Candle Lighting after 8:57PM -
Maariv/ Sunday Night May 20th: 9:00PM
Shacharit/ Monday Morning May 21th: 10:00AM
Mincha/ Monday Mid-Day May 21th: 7:45PM
Maariv/ Monday Night May 21th: 9:00PM

*Sunday Morning May 20th, (first day of Shavuot) make sure to come and hear the 10 COMMANDMENTS read from the Torah at 10AM. Following the Torah reading will be a GARDEN PARTY!

**It is a custom to stay up and learn all night on the first night of Shavuot. We will be fulfilling this great custom and hope that you will Join us along with Rabbi Hassine for the late night learning marathon!

***Each day of Shavuot, we will learn Torah between Mincha and Maariv.


To learn more about the Holiday of Shavuot, its history, significance, and practical observance, please visit the following link...